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Periodontal Disease: The Main Facts Any Man And Woman Must Know

Gum Disease

Taking care of your smile takes more effort than only ensuring that your teeth are white and straight. Your gums are an important part of your oral wellness, as well as your overall wellness. Because most patients might think their gums are in good condition, they are often startled if they are told otherwise. Gum disease, additionally known as periodontal disease, is an oral disorder that impacts the gums that surround a patient's teeth, and its symptoms, for the most part, occur without discomfort. Numerous tests have discovered a connection that relates gum disease and other health issues, including diabetes, heart disease, strokes, and some cancers, as well as tooth loss.

However, there is great news: Periodontal disease can be evaded with routine dental care. The simplest method to combat gum disease is to get dental care from experienced dental professionals, like the dentists at Gulf Breeze Dental Care. Our doctors have expansive know-how and expertise in the area of periodontal dentistry to detect various issues and treat gum disease.


Sometimes called gum disease, periodontal disease is known as an infection in the gums. Your gumline is the internal tissue that works to keep your teeth in their appropriate positions. Bad oral hygiene could lead a fuzzy-feeling bacteria known as plaque to build up and calcify around the gum tissue. While brushing and flossing could reduce some of the bacteria, plaque that's not eradicated will develop into tartar and harden onto your enamel. Only a dental cleaning done by a dental practitioner or dental assistant can effectively get rid of tartar.

While accumulating on the teeth, tartar and bacteria work alongside one another to bring about a moderate form of periodontal disease called gingivitis. Gingivitis comes about as plaque gathers on teeth and leads the nearby gum tissue to become red and puffy. Plaque produces toxins that aggravate your gum tissues, which causes them to be red and puffy and, commonly, resulting in bleeding.

If gum disease continuously develops with no management, more severe phases of periodontal disease can lead to sensitive and bleeding gums, problems chewing, and, possibly, tooth loss. This is why it's essential to detect and manage periodontal disease before the damage travels throughout your mouth.


Proper gums should be stable, pink, and fit snugly around your teeth. The first indicators of periodontal disease are usually hard to recognize by a normal individual. It is essential to schedule regular checkups with our dental team at Gulf Breeze Dental Care. We can determine the initial symptoms of periodontal disease during routine teeth cleanings and dental assessments. Symptoms of damaged gums include puffiness, redness, tenderness, bleeding, separation from the tooth, extra spaces around your teeth, bad breath, missing teeth, painful chewing, and inconsistencies with your alignment.


When individuals come to the more advanced stages of periodontal disease, they may require surgical treatments. Our dentists in League City, TX provide a number of surgical gum procedures, including gum grafting, gingival flap surgery, and more.

Gum disease typically causes the gumline to diminish, which will expose part of the roots of the teeth. To fix the gumline, our team may offer a gum graft procedure. In many cases, autografted connective tissue is implemented for this surgery. The donor gum tissue will be borrowed from the roof of your mouth and placed with your gums, which minimizes the root exposure.

Gum surgery can benefit people in League City, TX who have severe periodontitis. Depending on the degree of your periodontal disease, there is a selection of techniques we will likely use: gingival flap surgery, gingivectomy, and gingivoplasty. Gingival flap surgery cuts the gums away from the teeth to uncover the roots and allow our dentist to gauge your situation. From there, our dentist will carry out a scaling and root planing treatment to remove tartar and some deteriorated tissue. The separated tissue is then reshaped and stitched in the proper place. In contrast, a gingivectomy removes and reshapes a section of the diseased tissue. This procedure is mostly reserved for people whose condition is far along. Finally, a gingivoplasty is considered an aesthetic dental service that enhances and repositions your gums when your gum disease has been managed, returning their ideal health and appearing more natural.


The most effective method to avoid periodontal disease is to discover a good at-home oral care regimen. Following this simple checklist may help ensure that your bright smile lasts many years:

Flossing is crucial for your best dental health.
Flossing a minimum of one time each day might help eliminate food particles that could be wedged in between your teeth. Toothbrushing is a vital aspect of anyone’s oral health routine, but doing so every day still cannot polish every crevice.

Patients must clean their teeth no less than twice daily.
Those who clean their teeth after breakfast, lunch, and dinner help to remove plaque and bacteria stuck in between their gums and teeth. It's equally critical to not overlook the tongue. Use your gentle brush to scrub your tongue: Doing so may get rid of excess bacteria.

Use toothpaste and mouthwash that contain fluoride.
Many think it's challenging to learn which dental hygiene products are the best. As you're browsing, select a fluoride-based toothpaste and mouth rinse. If used together, the two products may affect the rate at which germs and plaque to layer on the enamel.

Make it a goal to visit your dentist two times a year.
Arrange visits with your dentist two times yearly for a dental health exam and cleaning. Dental checkups enable the team at Gulf Breeze Dental Care to identify problems like periodontal disease when they first develop. For individuals with dental worries, our League City, TX office provides several sedation options to address your nerves so you can receive your assessments and cleanings easily.

Forego tobacco use.
Men and women who use tobacco products (like chewing, cigars, or vaping) are at a higher risk to get gum disease and various cancers. Tobacco consumption affects your immune system, which makes it harder for your body to battle off bacteria and jump back later on.


Efficient oral treatment is important in the fight against periodontal disease. Seek out a dentist you trust, and make sure to pay a visit to their office twice a year for checkups and professional cleanings. At Gulf Breeze Dental Care, our staff is skilled at preventing, detecting, and treating gum disease and several other dental health issues. Contact our facility today to schedule a consultation and begin your journey toward your best oral health.

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