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The Numerous Benefits Of IV Sedation To Enhance Your Oral Care Treatment

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When you're reminded of sedation at your dentist's office, your initial thought is usually laughing gas. While it's true that nitrous oxide sedation (more commonly known as laughing gas) is often used by dentists, there are several other options available depending on your unique needs and the procedures you're having done. For men, women, teens, and children who have extreme dental anxieties, or if you're undergoing oral surgery, a dentist may suggest IV sedation. Intravenous sedation (additionally called IV sedation) injects the substance directly into your veins throughout your treatment. To help those in League City, TX who are receiving more lengthy or more elaborate dental treatments, including those who deal with a severe fear of dental facilities, intravenous sedation may be a reliable alternative to keep you worry-free throughout your visit. Throughout this post, our dental professionals at Gulf Breeze Dental Care aim to go over whether you're a candidate for IV sedation and list out cases when IV sedation is frequently used, including what to expect.


A patient must possess excellent total health to receive IV sedation. Our dental practitioner in League City, TX will learn about your medical past, all current ailments, and which medications and supplements you are taking at present prior to offering you IV sedation. Having these facts will help us decide whether or not you are able to be given IV sedation, along with the kind of medicine and dosage we will use. Men and women must inform their dentist if they know they have any allergic responses to particular medications or anesthesia. As IV sedation consists of implementing a needle to administer the drug directly into your vein, it's suggested that you don't harbor negative feelings associated with needles. It's critical to be straightforward with your dentist during your appointment so they can determine if you could be a good candidate for IV sedation.


Intravenous sedation is generally used for three purposes — to aid those with significant dental worries, to keep patients at ease during invasive treatments, and to help patients with minimal pain threshold or a powerful gag reflex.

  • For those who have severe dentophobia (the fear of going to the dentist), you may be eligible for IV sedation. Individuals who have a mild fear level may be better candidates to a more minimal form of sedation, including nitrous oxide or oral-conscious sedatives. If you have dental anxieties as a result of a bad past visit or some other reason, but you still require an oral treatment or desire to maintain your oral wellness, set up a visit to Gulf Breeze Dental Care to go over your many options. Our experienced dentists will help you determine if intravenous sedation is best for your particular needs.
  • Throughout more lengthy operations, IV sedation may aid in keeping individuals relaxed. IV sedation is often used during surgical tooth removals and dental implant procedures. Periodontal surgery to address gum disease might also call for IV sedation since incisions are made into the gumline to address deeper areas.
  • For people who have a powerful gag reflex or low tolerance for discomfort, this method of sedation could even be beneficial for routine teeth cleanings and simple procedures. Lying calmly in a treatment room can be attainable if there's a way to enable you to fight off the need to gag. Intravenous sedation could be advantageous to get you through regular dental cleanings or noninvasive procedures, including a tooth-colored filling or a deep cleaning for gingivitis.


At your one-on-one, your dental professional will typically talk about how to make preparations for IV sedation: This might involve not consuming food or drinks for a couple of hours before your consultation. Based on your individual circumstance, you may also have to quit taking certain prescription or OTC drugs before your IV sedation to prevent an adverse interaction. As soon as you are reclining comfortably in a dental chair, a tube is situated into your vein. After this, we will apply the medication directly into your blood. Intravenous sedation should take effect quite suddenly, and the dose will be altered throughout your treatment depending on your needs. Topical anesthesia might also be used to deaden a specified area inside of your mouth before our dentist starts your procedure. Depending on the volume of IV sedation that was utilized, you may be responsive and capable of following simple orders. However, you will doubtfully recall what happened during your operation. Once your treatment has concluded, the sedation will be turned off, and you will soon return to your regular self. Patients usually seem groggy when they come around, but they will begin to regain consciousness immediately and converse and move normally.


After your session, you will need to plan for an adult or family member to bring you home, seeing as how you might not be able to drive. Furthermore, our team will encourage you to relax and recover for at least what remains of the day. The sedative and its lingering effects should fade over the course of a night, but be cautious when you carry out tasks the following day, specifically driving. The dental practitioner will outline any aftercare instructions if you had an oral surgery. Your dentist will also review how to treat your incisions and ways to keep your mouth clean. Don't hesitate to get in touch with our office in League City, TX if you think of any issues after your IV sedation operation.


In the event that IV sedation seems like it may be a great alternative for your situation, it's essential to choose a team in League City, TX who is experienced and fit to carry out this effective component. If administered by a knowledgeable dental professional to a fitting candidate, IV sedation can help with extreme dental anxieties and keep patients comfortable during a number of procedures. For men and women who are interested in learning more about various sedation techniques, we urge you to contact Gulf Breeze Dental Care to talk about your individual needs during an appointment with our experienced dental team.

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